The benefits of mediation in the international family case

Being foreign to a country where your family lives, you do not need to fear the lengthy and unpleasant (and often unpredictable) court proceedings. Whenever possible, you can seek the amicable solution via mediation and entering into the mediated settlement agreement – finding a meditator speaking your language.

This would give you the following benefits:

1. You can be speaking your own language.
2. Understanding and addressing your point of view, your culture, your background.
3. No going to a foreign court and paying the court’s and attorney’s fees.
4. Skipping the quick and stressful court procedure.
5. No inadequate child involvement in the process.
6. Flexibility of solutions embracing the culture, the specificity and the uniqueness of the child’s blend of cultures.

Mediation is an informal procedure where the parties enjoying the full confidentiality of their conversation are able to m make proposals to settle their dispute with the engagement of a third party neutral facilitating the path to find the way to resolve the issues at stake and thus the parties:

– are able to adjust to time difference and geographical constraints (especially in the online mediations)
– take part in a co-mediation, with two mediators from different cultures and/or countries and languages
– engage private experts for the best interest of the child

– create tailor made solutions
– conclude an agreement binding in multiple countries

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