MyIFL is produced by international family law attorney Mrs.  Natalia Ołowska-Czajka Adwokat.

Based in Warsaw, Poland, Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka owns and manages  Kancelaria Adwokacka - Natalia Ołowska-Czajka Adwokat, a multi-lawyer firm that handles family, civil, and criminal law matters. She has developed a passion for assisting families navigate challenging international family law matters.

Since 2004, after obtaining the top score in her class on her attorney qualification exam, Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka has distinguished herself by becoming a well-known legal representative, speaker, and scholar. Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka has lectured on the law at the Warsaw University of Technology and has appeared before English and American courts as a legal expert, including in New York, Illinois, and Texas.

Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka is a  fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL) and a founding-member of The International Association of Family Law Jurists (Asociación Internacional de Juristas de Derecho de Familia -AIJUDEFA).

Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka speaks Polish, English, German, Russian and Spanish, and is capable of assisting  potential clients from the Americas to Europe with international family law legal matters. She can be contacted on the Contact webpage link above.

Learn more about Natalia here by downloading her CV here

Mrs. Ołowska-Czajka is licensed in The Republic of Poland only, is not licensed to practice law in any state of the United States, and utilizes the assistance of local counsel to assist clients in resolving their local matters.


Attorney and Mediator Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis, J.D., M.Ed. serves as Of-Counsel to  Kancelaria Adwokacka - Natalia Ołowska-Czajka, Adwokat, and operates the law firm Pierre-Louis & Associates, PLLC in Houston, Texas. 

Hailing from the Caribbean island nation of Haiti, and speaking multiple languages, Mr. Pierre-Louis has a passion for assisting international family law clients.

A master's level educator with a love for children, Mr. Pierre-Louis not only helps resolve legal disputes over children between separated or divorcing parents, but works to educate the public through educational and informational law blogs and videos.

Mr. Pierre-Louis is licensed to practice law in the U.S. States of Texas and Florida, Mr. Pierre-Louis is a former Assistant Attorney General for the State of Texas's Child Support Enforcement Agency. He can be reached and contacted through his website



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