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The benefits of mediation in the international family case

Being foreign to a country where your family lives, you do not need to fear the lengthy and unpleasant (and often unpredictable) court proceedings. Whenever possible, you […]

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Wszyscy wiemy, że sprawy sądowe trwają długo, a nierzadko jakąś sprawę trzeba załatwić na już, pilnie. Może tak się dziać jeszcze przed złożeniem sprawy do Sądu lub […]

Mediation – what can it do for you in the times of Covid-19?

How to quickly deal with your court dispute despite the Covid-19 restrictions

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Jak sprawić, aby nasza sprawa rozwiązana została szybciej i sprawniej

Challenges in the international family law

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    When the child is to relocate to another state or country, a lot of worries arise. Should it happen at all? How would it work? If I allow this to happen, how will I see my child? Who will pay for the child's accommodation and travel? Who will pay for the international fares if I am to visit? All these worries can be calmed down, discussed in mediation and adequately addressed in the mediation agreement (MSA).

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    International Co-parenting

    Parents living in two different countries often have different views on how to take care of the child on the daily basis and on the costs of living of the child. Before going to the court into a dispute which most likely will involve loads of expensive translation, attorneys' fees it is best to seek amicable solution beforehand. The mediation process will allow to address the concerns of both parents and agree on the most important aspects of the child's life, such as education, upbringing and contribution of both parents to the costs of living which will be sealed in the binding mediation agreement.

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    Child Abduction

    Tools exist to help parents return children who have been relocated abroad.
    When no agreement between the parents to relocate the child took place, the Hague Case is likely to surge and during this process, mediation will be advised to both parties as a viable way to deal with the situation which arose. The mediation agreement is a powerful tool to regulate the most important aspects of the child's life, either in the new country or in the country from where the child was taken, or - living in both of these countries and maintaining bonds with both of them.